Having grown up in South Miami, Alexander Nicholas was inspired by Miami Beach’s art deco district at a young age. This early exposure to unique displays of art only heightened his love of art and the obviously distinct relationship he has formed over the years. Dubbed the Idiom Artist, Alexander Nicholas’s talent stems from his ability to uncover and illuminate elements of the world, through interpreting idioms and concepts by way of photo manipulation. His content consists of a variety of things that range from animals to individuals but things aren’t always what it seems. His subjects don’t exist as they are. For every person featured, it’s a combination of individuals that create the image, so that “person” only exists digitally. By using elements of graphic design, he began crafting artistic pieces that are rooted in surrealism but have photo-realistic qualities.

Over time, his creativity encouraged him to expand and explore certain idioms like “Elephant in the room.” What did it mean? What could it mean? How does what it means to one individual interact with the notions of another? The intersection of all of these questions is exactly where Alexander Nicholas finds the illumination of his art.  Alexander Nicholas’s experience as a graphic design artist is apparent, as is his other rich life experiences, which seemed to be infused into every one of his eye-catching pieces. Seeming to always wanting to dig deeper than the average person, or even artist, Alexander Nicholas seeks out the dark pockets and seedy underbellies, determined to expose the reality of the world for what it is. His ability to visually explore how the present is dictated by the past, or how elements of this moment were only possible by what had come before, make him one of the most interesting artists to dissect and analyze. Despite the darkness of some of his work, Alexander Nicholas still manages to contemplate and acknowledge the world’s beauty. In fact, with many of the works of art he creates, the beautiful, and sometimes humorous, undertones depicted in his microcosmic mashups are palpable. His use of religious and natural elements give his pieces a timeless context that allows for constant exploration. Art should always be an experience. It should live on a larger scale than that of the everyday. Art should be taken in completely and to be able to do that, you must lose yourself in the experience of the art. This is precisely what the art created by Alexander Nicholas does. Its ability to make a statement through rich and bold colors allow for clarity of details, shining a light on exactly what the artist intends for you to see. “My goal is to evoke emotion and create a timeless link between what your eyes see and what your heart feels.” Alexander Nicholas